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“I Beat Mike Tyson”

Words that few can say, outside several amateur boxers, highly decorated pros like James “Buster” Douglas, Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield, and journeymen like Danny Williams, or in this specific case, Kevin McBride.

A new 12-minute documentary by Joshua Z. Weinstein uncovers the legacy (or lack thereof) of Irishman Kevin McBride:

Said Weinstein to ESPN, “It’s a film about a man whose greatest achievements are behind him…But boxing, the only thing McBride ever learned to do well, is how he defines himself. These polarizing ideas are what the film seeks to explore.”

As sadly as the story ends for Kevin McBride, it doesn’t seem much better for Mike Tyson, who ended his career with both his finances and reputation in serious states of disrepair.

The short documentary is a touching reminder of what’s at stake each and every day that we live. That great opportunities don’t come around often, and when they do, we can’t always make it to the next level.



Cover Girl

Three-time boxing world champion and 2012 Olympian Mary Spencer made a visit to Humber College today in order to give a boxing seminar. I debated whether or not to go– would this be a demonstration, a real workout and could I take something valuable away from her? The answer was a little bit of all three.

Just last August, Spencer had lost in her first match of the Olympics:

Spencer fell to Chinese boxer Li Jinzi in a quarter-final fight at the Olympics on Monday, losing 17-14 in front of a near-capacity crowd in the ExCel arena in east London. A win would have at least guaranteed her a bronze medal.

Spencer received a bye through the first round of the 12-woman draw, and she was drawn into the easier side of the bracket, avoiding two fighters who have already beaten her this year.

The National Post, August 6, 2012

A video of the final round of this fight is available here (only for Canadian viewers, sorry!). Spencer appears to get swarmed by an opponent who clinches without hesitation. Spencer’s long arms made it hard for her to fight on the inside, and she is too inactive in the final round.

As for the seminar, due to the mixed-experience level of the group, the instruction was at a beginner-to-intermediate level. We did a warm-up, stretching, three rounds of “Polish boxing” (punching with high-knees), basic combinations, defense, suicides (sprints back and forth across the gym) and a cool-down.

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